2020-2021 Membership HANDBOOK




The Talbot Figure Skating Team is dedicated to bringing quality figure skating to Talbot County and adjacent counties.  The successful start of Talbot Figure Skating Team is due to the support of Kim George and the love of her skating she wants to share with all children/adults.  The team enthusiasm is due to the excitement of the newly generated members.  It is the only figure skating team in Talbot County Maryland and adjacent counties.

Talbot Figure Skating Team is a recreational figure skating club affiliated with the Ice Skating Institute or ISI.   Its current membership includes members ranging from ages 4 to 18.  The professional skating instructors teach basic through advanced skating skills and are ISI certified.

Skaters are given the opportunity to sign up with the Talbot County Community Center and take skating lessons.  This is the skater and skater’s families’ responsibility.  Beginning skaters are taught skating skills through group lessons using the ISI testing standards. Test sessions are administered through the Learn to Skate Program and or Private Lessons and are scheduled throughout the season. Testing gives the skaters the opportunity to test into new levels and to earn colorful ISI test patches or badges.

Talbot Figure Skating Team’s mission it to create unity amongst Talbot County Skaters.  This team will educate parents and skaters on the fundamentals of skating and establish an identity to positively represent Talbot County Community Center.  Social activities and team bonding will be shared while providing its members the opportunity to build lasting friendships.