Synchro and Production Teams

Synchronized Skating is a fun and rewarding experience for all ages. It involves eight to twenty-two skaters performing various formations in unison to music. The objective is for the skaters to perform as one unit rather than individually. They can incorporate various skating formations such as circles, pinwheels, lines, blocks, and intersections. Synchronized Skating offers skaters the opportunity to participate in a group activity and make new friends. Synchronized teams allow participants to strengthen their own individual skating skills while at the same time enjoying the atmosphere of a team sport. Skaters will benefit from the accomplishments of the team and will be able to share in the experience and energy of a dynamic group. Achieve goals as a team, and everyone wins!


Skaters of all ages and ability can participate in this theatrical team event. This is a creative and artistic program usually based on a story or theme, using costumes, props and technical skating to enhance the production performance. This team event is for groups of eight or more skaters. Teams will be judged on the performance value of the program. There are no required maneuvers and no technical score for this event at competition. The team uses music along with elaborate costumes and props to enhance the theme while creating an entertaining performance. Team competitive category is based on the number of skaters on the team.’s fun!


Our season typically runs from September - March.

NEW for 2020/2021 : All teams will practice on SUNDAYS within the 6:45-8:45pm time slot. Exact team practice schedule TBD. 

ALL TEAMS will practice social distancing and will NOT be connected. 

DOWNLOAD the UPDATED 2020-2021 Synchro & Production Handbook


Registration is now closed for the 2020-2021 Season for Synchro and Production.

If you are interested in joining a team, we are still seeking skaters for Ensemble! (All ages and skill levels.) Email





Please contact Coach Larisa ( with any synchro related questions.