Yana Hanes

Yana Hanes (Tsvetkova) was born in Moscow, Russia but grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria. Yana began skating at a young age, taking figure skating lessons from Russian Coaches. At the age of 8, Yana took 5th place in a national figure skating competition in Bulgaria. Ove the next five years, Yana competed at the national level and was ranked 7th to 3rd place in the country. Yana was approached at the age 14 by Ivan Pandov, a speed skating coach, to pursue short track. Over the next 9 years, Yana participated in thirteen European and World Championships. In 2005, due to back trauma, Yana stopped speed skating professionally and began coaching in figure skating programs in Sofia, Bulgaria. By 2008, Yana made her way to the US, where she began coaching Speed Skating for the Maryland Special Olympics. In 2011, Yana was hired by TCCC and began coaching Learn-to-Skate and private figure skating students. Yana is a certified coach though PSA and ISI and is a Gold test judge with the Ice-Skating Institute. 

I nod my head for "No" and shake - for "Yes" just like everyone else in Bulgaria.

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